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Our Story

Tequila Bottle

Every great idea starts with a challenge.

Ours was simple: fine aged tequilas were not widely available in America.

It was on a trip to Mexico in the 90’s where QUI co-founder, Medhat discovered his passion for fine aged tequilas. He came to love their incredible flavor and wonderfully smooth finish. He wanted to bring that world best taste and exclusivity back to New York. The problem? These luxurious liquors were something that could rarely be enjoyed as their price point was just beyond the reach of so many.

QUI was established with the aim of not only creating the finest sipping tequilas on the market, but also making them accessible to more people, not less. Our mission has led us to create an exceptional, award winning and simply luxurious range of liquors.

To create our tequilas, we discard the heads and tails of each distillation, using only the heart, which is the very best. It gave rise to QUI from the word te-QUI-la.

Enjoy QUI as much as we do.

Medhat, Mike & Pete

"Our goal was to make the finest sipping tequilas in the world, accessible."