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    How It Works

    You Choose

    Choose the plan that’s right for you. You choose 3 months, 6 months or 12 months subscription.

    We Curate & Deliver

    Each month we partner with our favorite bartenders from around the world to deliver one of a kind unique boxes with everything you need to create elegant one of kind cocktails at home.

    QUI Club Membership

    As a part of the QUI Club you get access to special events, limited releases and the finest cocktails with our award-winning QUI Platinum Extra-Añejo. Your first box will include a welcome box with all of the tools needed including a crystal cut shaker, cocktail jigger, mixing spoon ($99 value).

    One of a kind box to create award winning cocktails

    Curated by top bartenders

    And everything you need for success




    One box per month, for as long as you like. Billed monthly.



    3 Months


    One box every month for 3 months. Billed quarterly.



    6 Months


    One box every month for 6 months. Billed semi-annually.



    12 Months


    One box every month for 12 months. Billed annually.